An experience that deserves to be lived.
An example of how to live in harmony with nature,
In a beneficial and sustainable way.
On the farm we have an organic garden and several greenhouses in which we grow a variety of crops. Also, you will find plantings of gooseberry, white and red raspberry, strawberry, and cassis.

We have also sour cherry, sweet cherry, apple, pear and quince trees.

Our farm animals include corrals of pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, chickens, ducks, geese, a goat, and a small herd of Jersey cows.

To the students who visit, we hope to convey our attitudes and values, such as working hard together and an appreciation of the sustainable use of natural resources.

Principally, the farm provides for our family. We live off the land. However, we have also developed it with educational purposes in mind. The layout of the corrals and crops is designed for teaching, rather optimizing production.

And to demonstrate alternative methods of social production. It is a different way to live, which we wish to share with others.
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